Some of Shipmondo's shipping modules might require a Google API Key in order to enable map view (pick-up point/parcelshop selector).

Follow this guide to see how you can obtain a free Google API key.

Google will ask you to create a Google account and link a valid payment card to it, but that doesn't mean that using Shipmondo's shipping module will cost you money. 

Google gives each Google account USD 200 in credit per month, corresponding to approximately 4.000 free Google Maps listings pr. day.

That is a lot of free searches and most of the webshops never reach this amount, so you probably needn't worry. If you, against expectation, should exceed the limit, the cost per 1.000 additional searches is only around USD 2.00 (Click here to read more about Google Maps pricing plans).

How to create the Google API Key

Go to and you will see a page as shown below.

Click on Get started and follow the instructions on the screen or follow and complete the 3 steps in the guide:

Step 1: Set up your project

Step 2: Enable APIs or SDKs

Step 3: Get an API Key

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