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PostNord Denmark - Setup and handling of PostNord tracked and untracked through own shipping agreement
PostNord Denmark - Setup and handling of PostNord tracked and untracked through own shipping agreement

Here you can see how to use PostNord tracked and untracked and how to prepare your PostNord tracked and untracked shipments.

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What is PostNord tracked and untracked (Varebrev)?

PostNord Varebrev (Stor- and Maxibrev) is PostNord's distribution service for smaller, lower value international shipments. 

Tracked and untracked are being shipped to receivers in:

  • the Nordic countries within 2-3 business days 

  • Europe within 2-4 business days 

  • outside of Europe within 3-8 business days

For further information regarding tracked and untracked, as well as transit times for specific countries , please contact PostNord directly. 

Setup of PostNord tracked and untracked

You'll need the following in order to be able to book PostNord tracked and untracked shipments through Shipmondo (through your own shipping agreement): 

  • An account at Shipmondo (free to sign up here).

  • An agreement about tracked and untracked with PostNord (contact PostNord's sales department to get an agreement if you don't already have one). 

  • Confirmation from our customer service that your PostNord agreement is activated on your Shipmondo account. Use this contact form to initiate the setup.

How to process your PostNord tracked and untracked shipments

The process for managing tracked and untracked shipments is as follows: 

1. Log in to your Shipmondo account here.

2. Book shipments for desired countries. If you're unsure of how to fill out the electronic customs documents, have a look at this guide.

3. Print your shipping labels and customs documents and prepare your shipments for pick up. Pur your shipments in different bags, divided by country.

4. When all shipments for the day are prepared, go to Shipments > Documents > Waybill. Select a From and To date and time.Fill out how many bags/sacks/mail containers you have and click on Download. 

5. There will be generated a routing label for each bag/sack/mail container and a waybill (Følgeseddel). Print your Waybill in three copies and make sure that you:

  • Double-check that the actual number of shipments per country is is the same as the number stated on your Waybill.  If not, cross the number out and write the correct number on all three copies.

  • The weight on the Waybill is only indicative. This means that you have to perform a control weighing of your shipments for each country, cross out the numbers (Samlet vægt i kg) on the Waybill and write the correct weight next to it (on all three copies). 

  • Put the routing label on each bag/sack/mail container. 

  • Set a date and sign all three copies of the Waybill. 

  • Get the driver picking up your shipments to sign all three copies of the Waybills as well. 

Example of a PostNord Waybill (Følgeseddel):

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