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Shipmondo has developed an integration module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which can be used by all Shipmondo's customers.

The module itself is free, but the implementation and setup must be done with the help of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner.

Use our Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners

Shipmondo has cooperation with a number of leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners in Denmark, who can help in consulting or taking care of the implementation and setup of the integration in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Here are some of our partners for Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Partner: BDL
Website: https://www.bdlas.dk/

Partner: Navi Partner
Website: https://www.navipartner.dk/

Partner: Skanderby
Website: https://skanderby.dk/shipmondo/

Use your own Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner

If you wish your current Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner to implement and configure the solution for you, ask them to contact our customer service.
We’ll deliver the module and all the necessary guidance regarding the implementation.

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