Balance payments

Activate monthly invoicing by paying with your balance.

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If you have a high volume of shipments, we recommend that you use the balance as your payment method.

Balance payments work in the following way. You add funds to your Shipmondo account (balance) and then you can use this balance to pay for booking of shipments and services at Shipmondo.

Several benefits when using balance for your payments

Monthly invoicing

You'll receive a monthly invoice at the end of the month, rather than an invoice per purchase/transaction.

This gives you a complete overview and there are fewer documents for your accountant to handle.

Pay faster and more safely

Your purchases are made faster, as we don't need to go through the payment autorisation for each transaction.

Additionally, you will be able to continue booking your shipments even if acquirer services such as NETS/Teller, or the payment service provider are down.

Automatic payment of your outstanding

When using balance, you can activate Automatic settlement of outstanding payments. This will automatically settle e.g. insufficient postage on your shipments.

How to use your balance payment

Add funds

Click on your company profile in the top right corner.

Click on Add funds under the Payment menu.

Enter the desired amount.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment.


We recommend that you activate the auto-refill function to avoid your account running out of funds.
By running out of funds, you risk that your employees can't process shipments or that your customers can't buy return shipping on your Return Portal.

Activate the auto-refill function under Payment > Settings.

  • Activate auto-refill - Tick the box to activate.

  • Auto-refill when under DKK - Specify the balance limit to trigger auto-refill.

  • Auto-refill amount DKK - Specify the amount to refill your Shipmondo account with.

Paying with balance

Choose the Pay with balance payment method in the payment window, when booking shipments and your Shipmondo account will be charged, rather than your bank account.

Bookkeeping guide for refills and monthly invoicing

Click here for a bookkeeping guide for refills and monthly invoicing.

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