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How to switch to Shipmondo?
How to switch from nShift (Consignor/Unifaun/Webshipper) to Shipmondo
How to switch from nShift (Consignor/Unifaun/Webshipper) to Shipmondo

It takes no time to switch from nShift/Consignor to Shipmondo.

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If you're using nShift (former Consignor/Unifaun/Webshipper) today and wish to switch over to Shipmondo, all you need do is follow the simple, 3-step guide below.

1 Create a free Shipmondo account

Click here and fill out your company information. For more info, visit out website at

2 Set up the carrier agreements

Send us a list of carriers that you're using and we'll set them up for you and make sure to activate them on your Shipmondo account.
Click here to see the list of carriers that we support.

3 Set up integration

Integrate Shipmondo with your webshop or ERP system.
We offer +30 integrations with well-known webshop and accounting systems.

Make the switch when you're ready

Once you've set everything up, you can use your Shipmondo account simultaneously with your nShift.

That way, you'll be able to test Shipmondo and confirm that everything is working the way you need it, before making the switch.

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