The RESTful API is a powerful tool that allows you to process and manage shipments with Shipmondo. The complete technical documentation can be found here.

Creating shipments

The Shipmondo API lets you build the shipping flow that you want, from simple drafts to advanced shipments.

The /imported_shipments endpoint supports creating drafts, from which any shipment can be created at any time.

The /shipments endpoint supports creating both simple shipments, such as packages, and advanced shipments, such as pallets. Further information on creating shipments can be found here.

Trying out methods

The Shipmondo API documentation allows you to test each of the endpoints directly from the documentation itself, no matter which method it may be.

First, to try out an endpoint you must create the authorization; this is done by the green authorize button at the top of the page. 

You are then asked to enter your authorization credentials from your account. After being authorized, you press the Try It Out button by expanding an endpoint section. Now, you can enter the parameters.

Then you hit Execute and the results will appear under responses below.

Creating a resource through the documentation is just as simple: you follow the steps above, but when you press Try It Out on a POST method, you are presented with an input box where you can enter the JSON body. 


Models let you identify the values required for POST methods. When you expand an endpoint section, you will see example values. If you press the Model, you are presented with the following information:

These are some of the values that can be sent as part of the method. If it has a red asterisk next to it, it is a required value. The objects can be expanded, as can be seen with the sender object.

Error handling

Errors through the API is formatted as follows:

  "error": "Invalid or not found parameter(s)"

If able, the API will identify and describe the error in the error value. The most common errors are 422 Unprocessable Entity, and describes that a request cannot be processed.

Examples of common errors would be:

"Insufficient funds. Try again or log on to your account to refill manually." - The shipment could not be created, because there are not enough funds on your account.

"At least one of the following services are required: Email advisering (39 / EMAIL_NT)" - The shipments could not be created, because a required service could not be identified.

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