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Learn about the possibilities for filtering and achieve a more productive workflow. Read more about using filtering options on lists.

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To ensure that you can work quickly and efficiently in your daily life, we at Shipmondo have added the ability to filter on the overviews that you find, for example, under Orders and Booked.

You can combine your filters exactly as you want, and you can save the filter as a view on the overview, so you can easily and quickly access it.

When you save a view, it appears as a tab on the overview.

This article guides you through the following:

  • Create a new view

  • Editing an existing view (adding/removing filters)

  • Undoing changes

  • Copying existing views

  • Sorting tabs

Create a new view

You can add a new view by clicking on the +.

Then you can add filters, so the view only contains orders that match the filter.

You can add as many filters as you want.

Read also about filtering options here:

Edit existing view

It is possible to edit an existing view, for example, if you want to add or remove a filter.

1. Click on filters and add the desired filter

For example, if you want an overview of all orders with payment status "Authorized", you select Payment Status.

Then you select the value "is" in the dropdown, add "Authorized" in the input field, and click on Add.

The order list now shows orders with payment status "Authorized".

Pro tip: It is also possible to filter out orders with a certain payment status. If you want to filter out orders with a payment status, simply select "is not" in the dropdown.

2. Save the view

An asterisk (*) next to the tab means that the filter is not saved.

Save the view by clicking on the three dots next to the view and click on Save.

Undo changes

If you have made changes to a view that you do not want to save or use, you can go back to the starting point by clicking "Undo changes".

Copy of existing views

If you want two similar views, you can make a copy of an existing view.

You can copy existing views, rename and then add or remove filters.

Click on the three dots next to a view and click on Duplicate.

If you want to give the copied view a new title, you can click on Rename and save.

Sorting of tabs

You can change the order of your views to suit your workflow.

You can change the order by dragging and dropping the tab you want to place elsewhere.

Set view as default

If you want a specific tab to be the active tab when you access the page, you can set it as default.

Mobile view

If you use a terminal (e.g mobile or tablet) instead of a computer, the layout and user experience will be adapted to a mobile-friendly version.

This means that the elements will be larger and more manageable on a smaller screen, and the navigation will be adapted to be operated on a smaller device.

The functions are the same, but will look like this instead:

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