To make it easier and faster for you to find the information you need and work more productively, we have added a number of filtering options different lists in Shipmondo, such as Booked shipments, Returns, Drafts, Orders and Products.

When using filtering, you can combine your filters the way you see fit and you can save your filters and filter combinations as a tab in the overview for an easy access.

This demo video is showing an example of how to filter your shipments based on a specific carrier:

Follow the links below to find more info about different filtering options:

The following example is showing how you can set up a filter on a list.

How to set up filtering on a list

This guide will show you how to:

  • Set up filtering on a list

  • Save your filter as a tab

  • Edit your saved filters

  • Set a favorite tab/view

Let's say you'd like to see a summary of all orders that have a payment status Authorized that should be sent to Sweden and Norway.

1. Click on the filter button (funnel) next to the search button and select the desired filtering option, Payment status.

2. Select option "is" from the dropdown menu, add "Authorized" in the input field and click on Create.

The order list is now showing only orders with payment status "Authorized".

Pro tip: It's also possible to filter out orders with a specific payment status. If you wish to do this, simply select "is not" in the dropdown instead.

3. Click on the filter button (funnel) next to the search button again and select Receiver country. Add the values ​​"Sweden" and "Norway" in the input field.

Click on Create.

You've now set up two filters on the order list, showing all orders with payment status "Authorized" to be sent to Sweden and Norway.

Save your filters as tabs

If there are filters that are being used frequently, you can save them as a tab so you can access them more quickly and conveniently.

Click on the arrow next to the "New *" tab and click on the Save tab button.

Name your tab whatever is most convenient for you, e.g. "SE & NO orders".

Pro tip: If you wish a certain tab always to be active and in focus when you access the Orders menu, you can tick the box next to Favorite before clicking on Save.

You can now easily access all your orders to Sweden and Norway.

Edit saved filters

You can click on a filter and add/remove a value from the input field or you can add/remove a an entire filtering option from an existing filter, but it's not possible to update an already saved filter.

You can instead save your changes as a new tab by clicking on the the "New *" tab which will appear after you've made changes to an existing filter. You can then choose to save the new tab and delete the old one, that you no longer use.

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