Filtering of orders

Use order filtering to optimize your workflow and manage your orders effectively.

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By default, all orders are displayed in your order list. However, through the use of filtering, you can narrow down this list to show only the relevant orders.

Default views

In your order list, there are already 4 default views saved as tabs.

Default views



Orders that are unprocessed.


The picking process has started.


Orders that are partially or fully processed, but payment has not yet been collected.


Return orders that have been initiated.

Setting up your own views/tabs

With Shipmondo's filtering tool, you have the opportunity to customize and adapt your views/tabs to fit your needs and workflow.

Available filters

Below is an overview of the available filters you can use. You can combine your filters precisely as it suits you.



Extra columns

Rows per page



Delivery addresses identified as possibly invalid.

Amount incl. VAT

The total amount of an order including VAT.


Orders assigned to a specific person or department.

Orders with items from a specific bin location.

Fraud risk

Orders with a specified risk of fraud, e.g., low, medium, high.

Fulfillment status

Fulfillment status, e.g., partially fulfilled, unfulfilled, fulfilled.

Invoice status in relation to the transfer to the accounting system, e.g., validation error, partly transferred, created.

Item quantity

Number of items in the order, for example, is less than 2.


Orders with any noted remarks.

The platform the order originates from, e.g., Shopify, WooCommerce.

Order status

Status of the order, e.g. on-hold, processing, packed.

Ordered at

The date when the order was created.

Payment method

How the customer paid for the order, e.g., Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, bank transfer.

Payment status

Payment status, e.g., authorized, paid, refunded.

Receiver country

The order's destination country.

Return status

Status for return orders, e.g., in progress, partially returned, returned.


Orders that contain a specific SKU number.

Shipping method

The customer's chosen delivery method, e.g., delivery to a service point.

Shop status

Order status on the webshop.


Where the order originates from, e.g., API, POS.


Orders with a specific tag from the webshop (currently only supported for Shopify), e.g., remote warehouse.

Total weight

The total weight of the order.

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