Filtering of orders

Use order filtering to support your workflow and manage your orders more efficiently.

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A list of orders is showing all your imported orders by default. Our filtering function makes it possible for you to adjust and customize your view and so only the desired orders are shown in the list

There are three standard filtering options on an order list:

  • Open (pending orders)

  • Processing (orders with an initiated pick & pack process)

  • Unpaid (partially/fully handled orders, where payment capture hasn't taken place yet)

It's also possible for you to create your own filters, e.g.:

  • Filter orders for a specific carrier or delivery method

  • Filter orders for a particular payment method or payment status

  • Filter orders for a particular webshop (if you have multiple order integrations set up)

  • Filter for orders containing a specific SKU

You can combine your filters the way you see fit and you can save your filters and filter combinations as a tab in the overview for an easy access.

Below is an overview of filtering options for an order list:

  • Items (filtering based on the number of items on an order)

  • Fulfillment status [Fulfilled, Partially fulfilled, Unfulfilled]

  • Location (item placement at the warehouse)

  • Note

  • Order integration

  • Order status [Cancelled, Deleted, On-hold, Open, Packed, Picked up, Processing, Ready for pickup, Sent]

  • Ordered at (filtering based on the creation date)

  • Payment method (e.g. if you wish to handle bank transfer orders in a separate, more manual workflow)

  • Payment status [Authorization error, Authorization pending, Authorized, Paid, Partially Paid, Voided]

  • Receiver country

  • SKU (to be able to handle orders containing a specific item in a single flow)

  • Shipping method

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