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Customize your pick-and-pack solution to your workflow.

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Customize your pick-and-pack solution to your workflow.

When you use our picking solution, the solution is configured with a standard setup.

You have the option of selecting/deselecting a number of functions, so that you can customize the solution to your workflow.

You’ll find all pick settings under Settings > Pick.

Here is some more information about settings.




Primary action

Select the function of the primary button under order management.

Select Start pick path if you wish to use digital pick paths.

Select Create pick path list if you wish to use pick path lists.

Pick path



Start automatically at first item

When the pick path is created, the first item on the route is automatically selected.

Warn in case of partial pick

If you confirm a pick and the full number hasn’t been picked, a message will appear on the screen, warning that not all units have been picked.

Automatically confirm when pick amount is obtained

If you use a scanner and scan an item, the number is increased by one unit per scanning.

Once you have scanned all units to be picked for an item, then the pick will be automatically confirmed.

Automatically go to the next item

Upon confirmation of picking, the system will automatically proceed to the next item on the pick path.

Finish automatically when all items are picked

When the last item on the pick path has been picked, the pick path ends automatically.

Show item image on list

Images of the item to be picked will be displayed on the screen (requires pictures of the items in Shipmondo).

Play sound when scanning

A sound is played when an item is scanned.

Use camera on mobile devices

Allows you to use the camera on your mobile/tablet to scan barcodes.

Vibrate when scanning (Android only)

If an Android device is used for picking, the device vibrates when scanning.

Skip summary if possible

Skip summary if there are no errors.

Action on partially picked order

Choose the desired action for an order if not all items can be picked.

Select Create partial fulfillment if you want to create a partial fulfillment with the picked items.

Select Put order on hold if you want to change the order status to "Paused". With this action, partial fulfillment will not be created for the order, and you must personally consider what should happen next with the order (e.g., whether the customer should be contacted and/or the missing items should be reordered).

Use voice commands

A voice will help you with instructions about what is about to happen/has happened.

Say the item name

If you’ve chosen Use voice commands, you can choose to have the item name read out loud.

Pick list



Use camera for scanning pick lists

Allows you to use the camera on your mobile/tablet to scan barcodes.

Completing picks



Create fulfillment

A delivery for the order will be created. This action cannot be deselected.

Create shipment

A shipment for the delivery will be created.

Print shipping label

A shipping label for the delivery will be printed automatically if a printer is connected and a primary printer for shipping labels is set up.

Print pro forma invoice

A pro forma invoice for delivery will be printed automatically if a printer is connected and a primary printer for pro forma invoice is set up.

Print packing slip

A packing slip for the delivery will be printed if a printer is connected and a primary printer for packing slips is set up.

Capture payment

Payment will be captured on the order if a payment gateway has been set up for the order integration.

Override default pick settings

If you have several webshops and you want your setup to apply to only a specific webshop, you can override default pick settings. Go to your order integration settings (Settings > Integration > Order) and enable override default pick settings under Pick.

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