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Order check: Scan items when picking
Order check: Scan items when picking

Scan the barcode on the item when picking, and minimize picking errors.

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If you use digital pick paths, you can confirm your picks using a scanner. By scanning items, you ensure that the right items are picked - and picking and packing errors are minimized. Thus the scan functions as an order check.

Pro tip: If your items do not have barcodes from your manufacturer and you do not want to spend time putting barcode labels on your items, then you can put barcode labels on your shelf spaces in the warehouse instead, and confirm your picks when scanning the barcodes of the shelf spaces.

How order checks work

When you scan the barcode on the item to be picked, the number on your pick path increases by one unit per scan.

Once you have scanned all the units to be picked for an item, the pick will be confirmed and you can proceed to the next item in your pick path.

Watch a demo here:

If you scan an item other than the one to be picked, an error message will appear on the screen.

Here is an example on a tablet and mobile:

How to get started

First of all, make sure that barcodes are assigned to your items in Shipmondo. Read about how to update your items here.

Next, you will need a hand scanner. You can find an overview of hand scanners that have been tested with Shipmondo here.

As an alternative to handheld scanners, you can use the camera on your mobile device (mobile / tablet). To use the camera as a scanner, activate under the menu Settings > Pick.

Set up your hand scanner

If you choose to use a hand-held scanner (instead of a camera), the hand-held scanner must be set to run in HID mode.

You can read more about setting up a hand scanner in the link below.

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