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Completing the orders with a scanner
Completing the orders with a scanner

Capture payments, book shipments, finish orders and print shipping labels with a scan.

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You can achieve an even faster workflow with a higher level of automation by scanning the barcode on the pick- or packing list.

Scanning is supported for following devices:

  • hand scanner

  • mobile phone/tablet

  • webcam

Look at the demo below:

Completing the orders with a scanner supports following pick solutions:

How to get started with a scanner

Activate the actions you wish your scanner to perform, when scanning the bar code on the pick- or packing list.

Click on Save.

The setup is now ready.

Pro-tip: It is possible for you to create an integration specific setup, in case you have several webshops and wish your settings to be applied to a single webshop. Go to the order integration settings (Settings > Integration > Order ) and activate your integration specific settings under the tab Pick.

Scanning with a hand scanner

If you're using a hand scanner you have to make sure that your hand scanner is configured to use HID mode.

Read more about configuration of the the hand scanner in the link below.

Log in to your Shipmondo account and now you're ready to scan your pick- or packing lists.

Scanning with a mobile phone camera or a webcam 

If you don't have a hand scanner, you can use your mobile phone camera.
If you're using a webcam, start by connection it yo your computer.

Log in to your Shipmondo account through a browser (If you're using iPhone, use Safari).

Go to Order Management > Orders and click on the camera-button in the bottom right corner.

You're now ready to scan your packing lists.

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