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PrestaShop 1.7 - transfer product placement and variants
PrestaShop 1.7 - transfer product placement and variants

Product placement and product variants can also be transferred to Shipmondo. See how to activate this on your PrestaShop 1.7.

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Product placement and product variants, such as sizes and colors, are transferred to Shipmondo. You have already given the necessary permissions to your web service in step 2 of this guide.

Follow this guide to see how to set up your products on PrestaShop 1.7 in order to provide the necessary information to Shipmondo.

Transfer product placement for simple products

If you are selling products that do not have any variants, enter the product location/ stock location under Quantities > Stock > Stock location.

Transfer product placement and variations

If you sell products that contain variants, make sure that the following is set up:

1. Go to Combinations > edit the variant (by clicking on the pencil icon).

2. Here you must make sure that each variant has a unique SKU, which you define under Combination details > Reference.

3. Then enter the product location/stock location under Stock > Stock location.

This setting allows Shipmondo to receive location information and variations on products from your PrestaShop. These will then be displayed on your pick lists.

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