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Import/update all products from your webshop
Import/update all products from your webshop

How to activate a full product import to Shipmondo.

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When you have an active order integration, a new product from your webshop will only be created in Shipmondo if an order is imported from the webshop where the product is included.

If you need all your products from your webshop to be created in Shipmondo, e.g. if you need to enrich your product data for use with pick paths and/or automated customs declaration, then you can activate a full product import.

How to activate a full product import

Go to Order Management > Products and click on Import via integration.

Select your order integration and click on Start to initiate the export of product data.

The product import process has been initiated, and you will be notified once the import is completed.

Note! Shipmondo's solution requires all products to have a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) as it is the only way we can accurately identify your items.

If no products are imported through this process, please check and ensure that all products on your webshop have a unique SKU number to be included in the import.

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