Follow these 4 simple steps to set up your integration

N.B. For Shipmondo to be able to communicate with your Squarespace webshop, it's required that you have Orders API activated on your Squarespace account. It requires an Advanced plan at Squarespace, which you can read more on here.

1. Log in to you Squarespace admin.
Go to the shop you wish to set up an integration for.
Go afterwards to Settings > Advanced > API Keys and click on Create Key.

2. Fill out the fields as shown below.
Type Shipmondo in Key Name and choose Orders. 

Click on Next. 

3. Your key is now generated.
Copy and save it for the integration setup in the next step, since this is the only time you'll have access to it.

4. Log in to your Shipmondo account here.
Go to Settings > Integration > Order and click on the Plus-button (+) in the bottom right corner.

Fill out the fields as follows:
API username:
the key from the previous step
API password:
leave it blank
leave it blank

Choose the solution that suits your business. Choose Import to Orders or Import to Drafts.

It's important that you choose the right integration type that fits your business, in order to achieve the most effective setup. Choose between Import to Orders or Import to Drafts.
Read about the difference between the two solutions here.

Tick the Activate integration box.

Click on Create.

The integration is now set up and new orders from your shop will be automatically imported every 10 minutes.

In order to see how you can create a shipment based on an imported order, please click here

Send T&T to shop

You can activate the Send T&T to shop function, which sends tracking number back to your webshop where it's stored on the specific order.

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