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Klarna Checkout - Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistent
Klarna Checkout - Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistent

Your options for setting up Shipmondo in Klarna Checkout (Klarna Shipping Service)

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If you are using Klarna Checkout (KCO) on your webshop, you can use Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Service (Klarna Shipping Assistant).

With Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Service, you have the opportunity to:

  • Offer your customers a pick-up point selector on your webshop

  • Show a list of nearest pick-up points measured from the recipient’s zip code

  • Determine shipping price based on a fixed price, order amount, order weight, recipient’s zip code or number of items in the shopping cart

  • Offer free shipping if the customer buys over a certain amount

  • Offer multiple delivery options and carriers in the same checkout

We support pick-up point selectors for following carriers/countries:

  • Bring (DK, NO, FI, SE)

  • dao (DK)

  • GLS (DK, SE, AT, BE, DE, PL)

  • Posti (FI)

  • PostNord (DK, SE, NO, FI, AT, BE, LT, EE, NL, DE, LV, FR)

  • DHL Freight (SE)

  • DB Schenker (SE)

How to activate Shipmondo at your Klarna Checkout

Basically, Shipmondo cooperates with all webshop systems that are supported by Klarna Checkout.

You can find the guide for activation of your Shipmondo in your Klarna Checkout below:

If you are using a webshop system that is not listed above, please contact us to hear more.

Setup of delivery methods in Klarna Checkout

When you have activated Shipmondo onto your Klarna Checkout, you are ready to set up your delivery methods.

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