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Zebra GK420d network printer configuration for Windows
Zebra GK420d network printer configuration for Windows

See how you can install and configure a Zebra GK420d network printer for Windows to use with Shipmondo.

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Here's a guide on how to instal and set up your GK420d network printer on Windows to use with Shipmondo.

Give your printer a static IP address

Make sure you give your printer a static IP address before setting it up on your Windows computer. Instruction for this can be found in the printer instruction manual or in other way supplied by the manufacturer.

When the printer is connected to the same network as your computer and you've given your printer a static IP address, you are ready to connect the printer to your Windows computer.

Note! Shipmondo does not offer support with the initial printer setup e.g. network connection og the setup of the static IP address. Please refer to the store you've purchased your printer from or the manufacturer.

Download driver from Zebra's homepage

Go to Zebra's website to download the driver. Select ZDesigner v. 5 Driver for Windows and click on Download.

Install the driver

1) Open the file you've downloaded and the installation will begin. Follow the onscreen instructions and click on Next until the following screen appears.

Tick the boxes Configure System and Run the printer installation wizard.
Click on Finish.

2) When the following screen appears, choose Install Printer and the installation will continue automatically.

3) Select the model of your Zebra printer and click on Next.

4) Select how the printer is connected to your computer.
If it's a direct USB connection, select the USB port in the list of Available ports.

Our example is showing installation of a network printer, and that's why we click on Add Port.

5) We name the port zebra and fill out the Printer Name or IP Address with the static IP address we've given to the printer.
Click on OK.

6) Select the newly created port from the list and click on Next.

7) In the final step of your installation, you'll be asked whether you wish to install Zebra Font Downloader and Zebra Status Monitor.

This is not a requirement, so you can skip those and click on Finish.

The installation is now complete and you can start using the printer.

You can download a PostNord, GLS, Bring, Bring Norway (Pakke i postkassen) dao, DHL Express, DHL Freight or Danske Fragtmænd test label and test your new printer setup.

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