Notifications to receiver

Choose between different notification types to keep your customer informed during delivery process.

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There are four different notification options you can choose during your shipment creation that will ensure your customer gets updates on the shipment status.

Carrier notification

A carrier might send notifications to your customer, either by e-mail or SMS, during delivery process.

It may be regarding a delivery to a pick-up point, typically when a shipment is ready for pick-up, or upon an unsuccessful home delivery, in order to inform the receiver about where the parcel can be picked up.

Personalized message

It is also possible for you to send a personalized message (by e-mail og SMS) to your customer.

Personalized notification is a great opportunity for positive branding of your business.

This is where you have the opportunity to express your identity and give the customer a little extra info regarding the status of their order.

Customers are usually happy to receive the tracking number for their order, but a small personal greeting from the one they have shopped with, can also help in increasing customer loyalty.

If you decide to use the personal notification, you only have to set it up once, and then you can enable/disable it whenever you feel the need to. Read more about the Personalized message here.

An example of a personalized SMS:

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