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Klarna Checkout - Setup of delivery time for delivery methods
Klarna Checkout - Setup of delivery time for delivery methods

Setup of delivery time, for your delivery methods in Klarna Checkout with Shipmondo.

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When you set up delivery methods in Klarna Checkout, you can specify the delivery time, next to the delivery method in Klarna Checkout.

This can be activated by ticking the Show delivery time box for the given delivery method, after which you can fill in the Earliest (days) and the Latest (days).

Setup in Shipmondo:

Showing in Klarna Checkout (this example is taken from the 12th of January 2023)

Note! The delivery time is dependent on various factors, such as carrier, product, and country of delivery. You can gather information about delivery times from the specific carriers that you use.

Next day delivery

It is possible to configure next day delivery, by specifying “0” in Earliest (days) and Latest (days).

Weekdays only

If a carrier only delivers on weekdays, you can check Weekdays only.

Showing in Klarna Checkout:

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