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Bring Flex Delivery allows your customers to receive packages even if they're not at home, and this way you'll get fewer returns.

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Bring Flex Delivery allows your customers to have their parcels delivered to their home address without them even being at home. This is a service that gives flexibility and allows your customers to define where a parcel should be placed, thus giving you fewer returns. 

The way Bring Flex Delivery works is that the customer informs Bring about the place of delivery if there's nobody home at the time of delivery. On the day of delivery the customer receives a text about their package being on it's way. If the customer isn't home, they can go to the tracking link and give a power of attorney and write a note regarding the desired place for Bring to leave the parcel. 


  • The green house

  • The garage

  • The terrace

  • At the back door

  • At the front door

When the parcel is delivered a text is sent to the customer. 

Please note that using Flex Delivery means that Bring's liability ends upon delivery, even if a parcel is delivered at a designated place without a signature. Bring is not responsible for what happens with the parcel after it's been dropped off at receiver's address. This includes, but is not limited to disappearance/loss or damage due to the weather conditions.

Bring Flex Delivery is supported for the freight product Home Delivery Parcel. Click here to find more information about the service.

You can opt for Bring Flex Delivery under Additional services, under Delivery. 

Follow the onscreen instructions and write a delivery instruction, under Receiver

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