There are a number of additional charges for extraordinary activities for which you might be invoiced for when using PostNord Norway's service. It's therefore important that you read and become acquainted with them.

Shipment exceeds 120 cm

If at least one of the sides of your shipment exceeds 120 cm, when using MyPack Collect, an additional oversize fee of NOK 160 per kolli, excl. VAT will be charged by PostNord.

Significantly exceeding physical weight or dimensions

When shipping a MyPack Collect with PostNord, if the physical weight exceeds the maximum physical weight or the maximum dimensions, there will be a surcharge of NOK 305 per shipment, excl. VAT.

MyPack Home parcels exceeding the dimensions or weight will be handled as special cargo and there will be a surcharge of 25% (minimum of NOK 315 per shipment).

If your shipment exceeds the maximum weight and / or dimensions significantly, you risk it being handled as a groupage / pallet and you'll be charged for the price difference up to PostNord's applicable groupage / pallet prices.

Delivery outside core area

Only shipments booked before February 16, 2021: If you are sending via MyPack Collect to a destination outside of PostNord's core area, there will be a surcharge for NOK 31 per parcel, excl. VAT. You found out more on PostNord Norway's webpage.

You can download an overview of postal codes here.

NB! No surcharge on MyPack Collect shipments outside the core area from February 16, 2021.

Return shipment

If a package is returned to the sender as a result of failure to pick up, or if the packages doesn't comply with the requirements of the carrier, or for other reasons, the costs of the return shipment must be paid by the sender. The price for return shipment is the same as the original shipping rate.

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