There are a number of additional charges for extraordinary activities for which you might be invoiced when using Bring Norway's service. It's therefore important that you read and become acquainted with them.

Handling surcharge

You will be charged a handling surcharge of 125 NOK excl. VAT if:

  • One side of the package measures more than 120 cm (oversize)

  • Two of the sides measure more than 60 cm (oversize)

  • A parcel doesn’t fulfil the minimum measurements: 23 x 13 x 1 cm (undersize)

  • The parcel is packed as a tube, roller or cone.

  • The parcel isn’t packaged appropriately or for some other reason can’t be machine sorted.

NB! If you type in the correct measurements when booking your shipment, a possible handling surcharge for undersize/oversize will be included in the freight price.

Exceeding weight

If you are shipping a parcel which exceeds the maximum weight, you will be charged a surcharge of 160 NOK excl. VAT per shipment.

Be aware that Bring Norway uses volumetric calculation. If the volume weight exceeds the real weight of your shipment you will be charged according to the volume weight. Read more and find out how to calculate volumetric weight at Bring Norway here.

Defective or incorrect packaging

If you send a shipment with defective or incorrect packaging that needs to be repaired or repackaged, you will be charged a surcharge of 111 NOK excl. VAT per shipment.

Misplaced (incorrectly positioned) shipping label and unreadable barcode

It's important that the shipping label is placed correctly on a parcel and that the barcode be can read/scanned automatically.

If you dispatch a shipment containing an incorrectly placed shipping label and/or the barcode cannot be scanned, you will be charged a surcharge of 51 NOK excl. VAT per shipment.


Read more about how to place shipping label correctly on the package here.

Special conditions for Pakke i postkassen

Alternative delivery: If a package cannot be delivered to the mailbox, it will be sent to the local post office or delivery point in a store where the recipient can pick up the package. The recipient will be notified by Bring Norway. This extra service incurs a surcharge of 43 NOK excl VAT per package, for which the sender is invoiced.

Bag on the door: If the package can’t be delivered to the mailbox for some reason, you can, as an extra service, pay a surcharge of 25 NOK excl. VAT and have the bag hung on the customer's door, instead of delivery to a pick-up point.

The customer/recipient must actively confirm this when ordering through your webshop.

Return shipment

If a parcel is sent back to the sender due to failure to pick it up or if the parcel doesn’t comply with the requirements of the carrier, the cost will be charged to the sender. The price for the return freight is the same as the shipping price.

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