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Order integration deactivated
Order integration deactivated

How to reactivate your order integration.

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Your order integration will be deactivated if we are unable to connect to your webshop/accounting system through repeated attempts.

Typical causes of connection errors:

  • Your webshop/accounting system provider or hosting has planned an upgrade

  • Your webshop/accounting system has or has had a crash

  • API or server rights are not set up correctly on your webshop

In the e-mail that you have received from us, you can see the error message that we receive from your webshop/accounting system when we try to connect.

In most cases, this is a temporary error on the part of your hosting/provider of your webshop/accounting system, and you can simply reactivate your order integration.

How to reactivate your order integration

Go to Settings > Integration and click on the deactivated order integration.

Check Activate integration and then click Save.

If the system does not report any errors, the order integration is functioning again. If the order integration continues to report errors, please contact our customer service.

New requirements for WooCommerce integrations

Please note that it is a requirement that the legacy API is activated on your webshop.

If the legacy API is not active, it will not be possible to activate your order integration.

In the guide WooCommerce - webshop integration setup, step 4, you can read about how to enable legacy API.

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