Tips - Pick and pack
A few quick tips to increase your daily efficiency.
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Here you can read about a few quick tips that increase your daily efficiency in the pick-and-pack process.

Tip 1 - Faster creation of pick lists or pick paths

If you always pick a certain number of orders at a time, you can advantageously set up a tab on your order overview to show the number of rows corresponding to the number of orders that you handle in your batch.

That way, you can use the “mark all” function, instead of marking each individual order, when you need to create pick lists or pick paths.

In the example below, a filter with eight rows is set up. Read more about order filtering here.

Tip 2 - Save Shipmondo as an app on tablet/mobile device

If you use Shipmondo from your tablet/mobile device daily (e.g., if you pick with digital pick paths), we recommend that you save Shipmondo as an app on your device, so you can access the app easily and quickly.

How to (Apple iOS):

Log in to your Shipmondo account through the Safari browser.

Click the share button and select Add to Home Screen.

Shipmondo is now added as an app on your iPhone/iPad.

If you use an Android-based phone/tablet, there will be a similar option to save Shipmondo as an app.

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