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Shipmondo Sandbox: Test Your Integration
Shipmondo Sandbox: Test Your Integration

When using the Shipmondo API, you can use the Shipmondo Sandbox environment to test that your data is delivered correctly.

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With Shipmondo Sandbox, you can test your API integration, shipment bookings, prints, and other features in a closed test environment at no cost to you. When using the Shipmondo API, our sandbox allows you to confirm that your data is delivered correctly and that the booking has been successful.

How to Get Started with Shipmondo Sandbox

If you want to test your data in our sandbox, you need to send a request to our support team , providing the following information:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Reason for wanting to use Shipmondo Sandbox

You will then receive an email from our customer service with login details, and you will be ready to test the Shipmondo API or Shipmondo Sandbox.

Go to and log in with your Shipmondo account.

At the top of your Shipmondo account you can see it is a sandbox version.

Test: Booking Shipments

There is no limit to the number of shipments you can book. However, there is a limitation on which carriers you can choose when creating the shipment. Currently, you can choose from the largest and most commonly used carriers.

Our sandbox supports the following carriers:

  • Bring Denmark, Norway, Sweden

  • dao

  • DHL Freight Sweden, Denmark

  • DHL Parcel Germany

  • GLS Denmark

  • PostNord Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland

You can find your booked shipments under the menu Shipments > Booked in your sandbox Shipmondo account.

When using the sandbox, please note the following:

  • Note that the speed in the sandbox environment cannot be compared to the production API. Therefore, it cannot be used to test performance.

  • You cannot use payment cards in the sandbox, as all tests are free. In connection with creating a login for the Sandbox, you will receive fictitious money in your balance. When you book your shipments, you will be presented with a price, but you simply choose to use the balance as payment.

  • It is not possible to use Print Client with our sandbox. To print shipping labels and customs documents, you must download your shipping label to your device to print from there. When you print your shipping label, it will be identical to the carrier you selected. However, all labels generated through the Sandbox will indicate that it is a test version: "SANDBOX - Do not use.

Transitioning from Sandbox to Live

When you have tested that your data is delivered correctly in our sandbox, you are ready to switch to live. To do this, you need to change the URL in your API from to and update the keys. You can find your API keys under Settings > API > Access.

Read more about our live API documentation and Sandbox documentation.

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