In Shipmondo you can import CSV and Excel files with delivery addresses, contact information, and product information, so you can streamline your freight management.

Our CSV and Excel import feature is a flexible solution, where you can configure the fields and fill out the missing fields with the last information during the import.

You have three options for importing files to your Shipmondo account:

  1. Import of CSV or Excel files with shipment information for booking. You can then create shipment and package labels for your orders with only a few clicks.

  2. Import of CSV or Excel files with address- and contact information on customers, partners, etc to your address book in Shipmondo.

  3. Import and export of CSV or Excel files with product data for an efficient handling of orders and picking process with for example SKU-numbers or customer information etc.

Read more in each guide and see examples of CSV or Excel files, which you can download to your own computer and use as a template for your own import.

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