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Get started: Purchase of freight
Get started: Purchase of freight

Important and useful information about purchasing og freight and sending through Shipmondo's freight agreements.

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1. Practical information regarding shipping

You need to get acquainted with the requirements of your chosen carrier before purchasing freight through Shipmondo. This goes for everything from packaging and measurements of the parcel to insurance and claim procedures.

Click here to read more about the carriers, their parcel types and requirements and various procedures.

2. Validity of a shipping label

Labels purchased through Shipmondo's freight agreements have a limited validity period and it is therefore extremely important that you are informed about the period of validity for your chosen carrier.

Click here to read more about shipment validity.

3. Pick-up or drop-off of shipments

For shipments purchased through Shipmondo's freight agreements, you have to drop your parcels off at the carrier's drop-off points as a general rule. However, there are some carriers and freight products where pick-up is included in the price.

Click here for an overview of carriers and freight products where pick-up is included.

Click here to find service points for different carriers.

4. Self-help is the best way to the fastest answer

Customer service is one of many advantages you have access to when you are a customer at Shipmondo.

We respond to many email and phone inquiries on a daily basis and we oftentimes we get the same question time and time again during the course of the same working day. We have therefore created a section in our help centre covering these exact questions.

Click here to access our FAQ.

Further practical information regarding shipments can be found here.

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