You can send a personalized notification to your customer in the form of an e-mail and/or an SMS.

With the personalized notification you have the possibility to form your own message and merge it with e.g. the sender and receiver names and the tracking number.

Setting up your personalized notification is a one-time process, and then you can enable/disable it for each shipment.

When the personalized notification is selected for a shipment, it will be sent immediately after the shipment has been created.

Increase customer loyalty with personalized notification

Personalized notification, whether sent by SMS or e-mail, is a great opportunity for positive branding of your business.

This is where you have the opportunity to express your identity and give the customer a little extra that makes them come back.

Customers are usually happy to receive the tracking number for their order, but a small personal greeting from the one they have shopped with, can also help in increasing customer loyalty.

Use of personalized notification

Personalized message can be selected when booking your shipment.

You can also add personalized messages to your shipment templates.

How to customize your notifications?

We have already made a standard text for both personalized e-mail and SMS notification that you can use.

If you wish to make your own notification or customize ours, you can do so under Settings > Personalized Message in the top menu.

Our solution supports HTML, which gives you a lot of freedom and allows you to design and create great personalized e-mails.

Test view
Both personalized e-mail and SMS can be viewed in test mode. Click on the Test view button and see what the final result would look like.

An example of our standard e-mail design:

An example of the test view of the SMS:

Design your own e-mail layout

If you wish to change the design on your personalized e-mail, you need to have knowledge of HTML.

There are also external programs/services, where you can design your own e-mail layout and export the HTML code, which you then can use to customize your Shipmondo message.

If you choose to run with your own design, don't forget to add the data variables.

We also recommend that you test your design with the common browsers/e-mail programs, as some of the older e-mail clients are a bit limited in their HTML/CSS rendering.

Restore to standard design

If you wish to restore to Shipmondo's standard e-mail design, you can see how here.

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