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Get started: Send your first parcel
Get started: Send your first parcel

Create a user and send your first parcel in less than 5 min.

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Shipmondo offers a lot of different features and services to companies, and getting started can seem like quite a mouthful. However, it's actually very easy to get started using Shipmondo and sending parcels.

This guide is designed to help you with just that.

You'll be able to create your first shipments manually already after step 1.

In steps 2-6 we'll showcase some basic features that can be helpful in making your workflow even more efficient.

Step 7 is relevant if you have your own freight agreement(s) that you wish to use at Shipmondo.

If you're running a webshop or have your order data stored in an accountancy system, it would be highly recommended to take a closer look at the step 8 and set up an integration with Shipmondo. This way you'll be able to automate order- and shipment management to an extremely high extent.

1. Create Shipmondo account for free

Click here to create your Shipmondo account free of charge.

Once you've logged into your Shipmondo account, you'll be able to acces our product and price overview under Shipments > Prices.

Click here to see how you can create a shipment manually.

2. Saving your card info and taking up balance payments

Save your card information and you'll save time, since you won't have to type in your card information for every purchase.

Click here to see how you can save your card details.

If you have a high volume of shipments, we recommend that you use the balance as your payment method.
You save time, as we don't have to go through a payment gateway and authorize every single transaction on your card. Instead, we charge your Shipmondo account which is a less time consuming process.

Furthermore, you'll be invoiced on a monthly basis and not per transaction. This type of invoicing gives you an overview of all your shipments within a months' period minimizes the number of invoices for accounting purposes.

Click here to find more info on balance payments.

3. Set up default shipment template

Are you using a specific carrier, shipping product or some specific services? Set up a default shipment template and save some time when creating your shipments manually.

Click here to read about creating and managing shipment templates.

4. Send personalized messages to your customers

It's possible for you to activate sending a personalized messages to your customers, either as an SMS or an e-mail.

It contributes to your customers' satisfaction end enhances their shopping experience to receive a notification containing tracking information for their dispatched order. A personal message from the store where they placed their purchase helps also increase their loyalty to your brand.

Click here to find the guide on setting up personalized messages.

5. Automatic print of shipping labels

All shipping labels can be downloaded as a PDF file. They can subsequently be printed to a printer that's connected to your computer, and this can be done through the print dialog in your web browser.

Shipmondo however supports connecting a printer to a specific Shipmondo account. If you add your printer to your account, your labels will be sent directly to your printer without having to use the web browser's print dialog.

Click here to find the guide on how to achieve this printing setup.

6. Easy return with the Return Portal

You can make the return process easier for your customers by taking Shipmondo's Return Portal into use. Create a return portal that contains your logo and your company identity. You can decide the price for your returns on the return portal but you can also make it free for your customers to send their orders back to you.

Click here to read more about the possibilities and setting up Shipmondo Return Portal. 

7. Activate your own shipping agreements

If you've entered an agreement with a certain carrier, then we can help activating this agreement on your Shipmondo account so you can use it for booking of your shipments.

Once the agreement is in place, you’ll have access to both your own and the shipping rates that Shipmondo has to offer. This way you can send both parcels and pallets to the whole world.

The more shipments you send, the lower your label price gets.

Click here to read more about using own agreements with Shipmondo.

8. Do you have a webshop?

Integrate Shipmondo with your webshop or your accounting system to get your orders ready for shipping as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible. This way you'll be able to automate order- and shipment management to an extremely high extent.

Follow this guide to move on with your setup.

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