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UPS - Get your UPS Access Key
UPS - Get your UPS Access Key

Here's how you can retrieve a UPS Access Key, that is used for setting up your UPS freight agreement.

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To activate your UPS shipping agreement, among other things, your UPS Access Key is required. You can see how to obtain your UPS Access Key in the guide below.

How to obtain your UPS Access Key

1. Go to this link. Log in or create an account if you do not already have a login.

2. Complete the form as follows:

  • I need API credentials because: I was informed by a software vendor that I need to obtain an access key and share with them

  • Software/Vendor Name: Shipmondo

  • Choose an account to associate with these credentials: Your account number with UPS

Click on Next.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the rest of the form.

4. You will receive an email with your UPS Access Key, which you will need to set up your UPS agreement on Shipmondo.

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