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Connect a payment gateway to your order integration
Connect a payment gateway to your order integration
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It's not uncommon for a webshop to use more than one payment gateways. Shipmondo platform gives you the opportunity of handling payments from your customers, such as payment capture, through order management.
This requires you to specify which payment gateways are used in your order integration setup.

How to connect a payment gateway

Go to Settings > Integration > Order, open your shop integration setup and go to the tab Add payment gateway.

Each order, imported through the order integration, contains info regarding the payment gateway used for that particular order. This information is shown under the Gateway name.

If a new new gateway name is imported, we identify it and these will be added to the list. 

Depending on the webshop platform and the payment solution you're using on your webshop, gateway names might vary.

Below is an example on a shop, which uses both Epay, QuickPay and DIBS as payment solutions.

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