Do you use Shopify's webshop solution?

If you use a third-party payment gateway such as Nets Easy, Reepay, PensoPay or Quickpay on your Shopify shop, then you need to set up the Shopify Payments interface (Shopify Payments API) in Shipmondo to capture/refund from Shipmondo.

NB! You don't need to activate Shopify Payments in Shopify, just the Shopify Payments interface in Shipmondo.

Follow the guide below to set up the Shopify Payments interface in Shipmondo.

Do you use a webshop solution other than Shopify?

You need the following information to complete the setup:

  • Your Nets Easy Merchant ID

  • Your Nets Easy LIVE Secret key

Step 1 - Find your API information in Nets Easy

Log into your Nets Easy administration and go to Company > Integration. 

Note your Merchant ID number, shown in the brackets, next to Integration keys. 

Note also the Secret key value for LIVE Environment.

Step 2 - Add your payment gateway to your Shipmondo account

Log in to your Shipmondo account by clicking here.

Go to Settings > Integration > Payment gateway and click on the Plus-botton (+) at the bottom right corner. 

Give your payment gateway a name and choose "Nets Easy" under Provider. 

Insert your Merchant ID from step 1 under Merchant No. and your LIVE Secret key under Password. 

Click on Create.

Now you are ready to connect your payment gateway to your order integration

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