In order to be able to capture payments for your orders directly from Shipmondo, the API access must be added to your Shipmondo account.

To do so, the following information is needed:

  • Your payment gateway merchant number (also known as Agreement id)

  • Your payment gateway API username and password

1. Create an API user in QuickPay

Log on to your QuickPay administration and go to Indstillinger > Brugere.

Click on Opret systembruger under System users, and name it Shipmondo.
Then open the newly created user.

At the top of the user page, you can see an Agreement id (merchant number), and save it for later. Then click on Se API nøgle, and an API key will appear. Save it for later as well.

2. Set up user permissions

On the same page, under User permissions, tick the following boxes:

Tick GET for:

  • /account 

  • /payments/:id

Tick POST for:

  • /payments/:id/cancel 

  • /payments/:id/capture

  • /payments/:id/refund

3. Add your payment gateway to your Shipmondo account

Log in to your Shipmondo account by clicking here.

Go to Settings > Integration > Payment Gateway and click on the Plus-button (+) in the bottom right corner.

Give your payment gateway a name and choose "QuickPay" under Provider

Specify your Merchant No. (Agreement id) and password (API Key) from step 1.
Click on Create.

Now you're ready to connect your payment gateway to your order integration.

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