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Do you often use the same types of packaging? Create them in Shipmondo to book the correct shipping and save time.

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If you use order management and often have the same types of packaging, you can create them in Shipmondo.

When you use a stored packaging, the dimensions of the packaging will be used when you order your shipment.

If you have also entered the weight of your packaging, that weight will be added to the weight of the shipment when you book it.

So, you can book the correct shipping and save time.

How to create packaging

You will find your packaging under the menu Order Management > Packaging.

To create a package, click the plus button (+) at the bottom-right.

Enter the name, dimensions, and weight of your packaging.

Enter any barcode on the packaging (if you use a hand scanner during the picking and packing process, you can easily change the packaging for an order by scanning the barcode on the packaging).

Click Create.

Attach the carrier packaging

If you use a carrier that supports packaging types (typically carriers that handle goods/pallets), then it is possible to associate a packaging type with a carrier, so that the carrier packaging is selected when the shipment is ordered and packaging is selected.

Associate the packaging with the delivery method

You can use packaging if you use Order Management and have activated Use transferred weight on your order integration.

If you know which packaging is suitable for a particular delivery method, you can benefit from associating it with the delivery method. This makes it possible to mass-handle orders where the desired packaging is selected for those orders.

You associate the packaging by going to Integration> Orders and selecting the relevant integration.

Next select the Delivery Methods tab. Find the delivery method that you want to attach the packaging to.

Select the packaging and click Save.

Use or change the packaging when you create a delivery

When creating deliveries for your orders, you can choose your packaging.

If you have associated a packaging with a delivery method, this will be selected automatically.

If you want to change the packaging for the current delivery/order, you can also do it here.

Decide on packaging when the items have been picked

If you use digital pick paths, you can choose to make a final decision on which packaging to use when you have finished picking your items and can see which packaging best suits the deliveries/orders.

You can activate the function under Settings > Pick and by selecting Choose packaging.

When the function is activated, at the end of a pick path you will be asked to select the packaging for a box/orders, as shown below.

If you have associated a packaging with the delivery method used, this will automatically be selected for the order.

If you have added a barcode to your packaging, you can scan the barcode to select that packaging.

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