PostNord Treat as abandoned

Mark your PostNord shipments with “Treat as abandoned” and let your package be destroyed instead of returned.

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If your package cannot be delivered to the recipient, it will, as a general rule, always be returned to you and you will be charged for the return shipping.

If you send packages with PostNord on your own freight agreement, you can choose the service "Treat as abandoned", which allows your package to be destroyed instead of being returned to you. It is obviously a relevant option if, for example, the value of the contents of the package is lower than the price of the return shipping.

The service can be used on the products

  • MyPack Home

  • PostNord Parcel

and is available for countries outside the EU, as well as Norway, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Once you have selected the service, the text “Treat as abandoned” will appear on your shipping label. This means that the package does not have to be returned to the sender (you) but should be destroyed instead.

By choosing this service, you can avoid paying return shipping if, for example, your package has not been picked up by the recipient, or it has not been possible to deliver the package, so that it would otherwise be returned to you as the sender.

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