There are a number of additional charges for extraordinary activities you might get invoiced for when using bpost's service. It's therefore important that you read and become acquainted with them.

All prices in Shipmondo include oil, capacity, environmental and energy surcharges.

Freight difference

Read more about freight difference here.

Non-conveyable consignments / Manual handling

Non-conveyable shipments are shipments that cannot be transported by the conveyor belts in bpost's automatic sorting systems because of their size, form or outer packaging. These are either sorted manually in distribution hubs, or can even be rejected and sent back to the sender.

Manual handling of parcels will incur a surcharge of EUR 2.50 excl. VAT per shipment if it happens to require any manual handling during the sorting process.

This will, in most cases, be applicable for the following:

  • Weight: parcels weighing more than 20 kg

  • Dimensions: one side longer than 100 cm or the smallest surface larger than 70 x 60 cm

  • Shape: any parcel on which the label cannot be read horizontally (such as cylinders) or any parcel with a shape that can cause damage to other shipments

  • Content: loose contents in the parcel or contents that could cause damage

N.B. bpost reserves the right to handle any parcels manually if it deems this necessary.

Exceeding maximum weight / dimensions

In case your parcel's maximum weight and/or dimensions exceed the maximum Shipmondo supports for bpost's shipments, this will incur a surcharge of EUR 55.45 excl. VAT per shipment.

Parcel density

A surcharge will be applied for domestic parcels with a density below a lower limit of 120kg/m3.

The surcharge is calculated for each kilogram below the limit and is currently set to EUR 0.00340 excl. VAT per kg/m3 below the limit.


A parcel with dimensions 100 x 100 x 100 cm has a volume of 1 m3 and weighs 100 kg.

Surcharge calculation:

(120 kg - 100 kg) = 20 kg

20 kg x EUR 0.00340 = EUR 0.068

Misplaced (incorrectly positioned) shipping label and unreadable barcode

It's important that the shipping should be placed correctly on a shipment and that the barcode be can read/scanned automatically.

If you dispatch a shipment containing an incorrectly placed shipping label and/or the barcode cannot be scanned, you will be charged a surcharge of EUR 1.00 excl. VAT per parcel.


If a parcel is returned to the sender for any of the following reasons, a surcharge will be applied and charged to the sender:

  • Delivery failed due to incorrect receiver address

  • Parcels that are rejected by the receiver

  • Parcels not picked up in time by the receiver

  • Parcels that don't comply with carrier's requirements etc.

The price of the return shipment is EUR 2.50 excl. VAT per parcel.

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