Product labels with barcodes

Create product labels with barcodes for your products and minimize picking errors with order checks.

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You can streamline your workflow in your warehouse by having product labels with barcodes on your products.

With barcodes on your products, you can utilize order check, which is part of our digital picking solution, where you can confirm your order picking using a scanner. This way, you ensure that the correct items are picked, and packing and picking errors are minimized.

Watch a demo of order check:

Label sizes

Our product labels are designed for the label size 64x32 mm, however, it is possible to print your product labels on other label sizes. If you want to test the printing of our product labels on your label printer, you can download an example here.

How to create product labels with barcodes

Fill in the data for your product label and click on Download.

Explanation of fields to be filled in:




Enter the product's SKU/item number


Enter the product's name


Specify the physical location of the product (if relevant)


Provide a unique ID upon which the barcode should be based



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