Shelf labels with bin codes

Create shelf labels with bin codes and streamline your workflow in your warehouse.

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With a well-organized warehouse where your shelves are labeled with bin codes, you can work efficiently and save a significant amount of time in the picking and packing process in your warehouse.

In Shipmondo, you can easily create shelf labels with bin codes and corresponding barcodes for your shelves.

Our shelf labels are designed for label sizes of 64x32 mm, however, it is possible to print your shelf labels onto other label sizes.

Pro tips:

  1. If you want valuable tips and advice to optimize your warehouse, you can read our article on Shipmondo's tips and advice for warehouse setup (article coming soon).

  2. Cut your order picking time in half with a route-optimized picking solution. Learn about Shipmondo's picking solutions.

How to create shelf labels

Fill in the data for your warehouse setup and click on Download.

Explanation of the fields that need to be filled in:



Section from/to

Each shelving section of your warehouse should have a letter.

A middle aisle counts as 1 section (see example picture 1 below).

For example, if you have 3 sections, you can choose from A to C.

Number from/to

Each shelf should have a shelf number. If you have, for instance, 10 shelves per section, you should write from 1 to 10.

Note! The shelves to the left in the middle aisle should have odd shelf numbers, while the shelves to the right in the middle aisle should have even shelf numbers. This ensures that you can achieve an optimized picking route, where you only have to go through a section once per picking route.


Here, you need to specify the number of levels on your shelf. If you use the top level of your shelves as picking bins, it should be counted as one level.

See example picture 2, which shows a shelf with 6 levels.


Specify the number of bins you have per level.

See example picture 2, which shows a shelf with 5 picking bins in levels 1 to 5, and 3 picking bins in level 6.

Picture example 1 - A middle aisle (1 section) with 5 shelves on each side:

Picture example 2 - A shelf with 6 levels, with 5 placements in levels 1 to 5, and with 3 placements in level 6:


We create shelf labels for Section A with 10 shelves, each having 6 levels and 5 picking bins per level.

Result (a PDF file with 300 shelf labels ready for printing):

Pro tip:

If your products don't have barcodes from the manufacturer, and you don't want to spend time attaching product labels/barcode labels to your items, you have the option to scan the barcode on your shelf labels to confirm your product picks. Learn more about order check.

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