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UPS Private receiver

If you want to send packages to a residential address with UPS, you need to select the "Residential Delivery" service.

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By default, UPS delivers packages to either a UPS Access Point (pickup location) or to commercial addresses.

However, UPS offers delivery to residential addresses as an optional service.

A residential delivery is defined as delivery to a home address, including a home-based business that does not have an entrance open to the public.

If the delivery location could be interpreted as either residential or commercial, then the rates for residential delivery service will be applied.

If you want delivery to a residential address, you need to select the Private receiver service.

This service can be added to these UPS shipping products:

  • Express (door-to-door delivery)

  • Express Saver (door-to-door delivery)

  • Standard (door-to-door delivery)

  • Expedited (door-to-door delivery)

An additional fee is charged for Private receiver (Residential fee).

You can read more about UPS's surcharges for additional services here.

Note: If the service is not selected at the time of booking, the package will still be delivered to the residential address, but UPS will charge an additional fee for the delivery.

Private receiver can be selected under Additional services when booking shipping.

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