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A completely set up order integration will automatically connect your imported orders to respective shipment templates, making it possible for you to create shipments for multiple orders at a time, with just a few clicks. 

However, there can also be situations where you need to change shipment information for a specific imported order before creating a shipment.

Your customer might change their mind regarding their choice of delivery method or it turns out that an order requires multiple shipments/parcels because it just weighs too much.

In this case you can still use order management for handling your order but create the shipment manually. 

Start by creating a fulfillment for your order.

Click on the button Create fulfillment (not the arrow beside it) and then on Create.

Click on the arrow beside the button Create shipment and chose Create shipment manually

This will open the order form where you can adjust all the details and complete the booking of your shipment in a more manual manner. 

The changes you are making here will only affect this particular order and not any of your shipments templates or other orders in the future. 


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