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In Shipmondo, you can use a handheld scanner to carry out order checks and complete orders during the pick-and-pack process.

Most handheld scanners will work with Shipmondo. You can find an overview of hand scanners that have been tested with Shipmondo here.

Set up your handheld scanner

To use a handheld scanner with Shipmondo, the scanner must be set to run HID mode.

HID mode means that the handheld scanner acts as a keyboard input.

HID mode is usually the default setting on most handheld scanners. In the manual for your scanner, you can read about the different setting options and how you can change mode.

If you are in doubt about whether your scanner is connected and set up correctly, the easiest way to test that is to open a text program on your computer (e.g., Notes, Notepad or Word) and try to scan a barcode with the scanner.

If you can see the barcode value in your text program after a scan, the scanner is connected and set up correctly.

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