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You may experience a surcharge to be added to the cost of your original shipment when using UPS' service and it is therefore important that you read and get to know them.

Please find the price list below, as well as a description of the most frequent surcharges that may occur when using UPS.

The agreement applies to shipments from Denmark and Sweden, which is why the list is divided into DKK and SEK. All prices are stated excl. VAT.

Please Note: This list is not exhaustive and will be extended as needed. You will find a complete overview of UPS' additional services on the carrier's website here.


Price in DKK

Price in SEK


Private receiver




Extended area

3,23 (min. 195,00)

4,66 (min. 255,00)


Remote area

3,56 (min. 215,00)

5,10 (min. 280,00)


Manual handling




Large package




Over maximum limits




UK Border Fee




Address correction




Undeliverable shipments




Freight difference

Read more about freight difference here.

Private receiver

UPS provides delivery to both business and residential addresses. A residential delivery is one made to a home, including a business operating out of a home. For each residential delivery, an additional charge per shipment will apply (Residential delivery service).

Delivery to/from extended and remote area

To/from extended area

UPS provides a collection or delivery service in extended, as well as urban, areas. An additional charge applies for each shipment that is collected or delivered in an extended area.

To/from remote area surcharge

This surcharge is applied for delivery to or collection from an area beyond UPS extended areas, which are less accessible for collections and deliveries (domestic and international services).

Manual handling of shipments

UPS reserves the right to impose an extra handling charge on any package that, in UPS's sole belief, requires special handling due to different factors.

Examples of goods that may require manual handling:

  • Items encased in an outside shipping container made of metal or wood

  • Any cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, pail, or tire, that is not fully encased in a fortified cardboard shipping container

  • Any package with the longest side exceeding 100 cm or its second-longest side exceeding 76 cm

  • Any package with an actual weight greater than 32 kg

  • Each package in a shipment where the average weight per package is greater than 32 kg

Manual handling triggers a non-compliant surcharge (Additional Handling Charge).

Large package

A parcel is defined as Large package when length + circumference [(2 x width + 2 x height)] exceeds 300 cm, but does not exceed the maximum length of 400 cm.

Large packages are subject to a minimum billable weight of 40 kg in addition to the Large package surcharge.

Over maximum limits

Parcels that exceed:

  • a physical weight of 70 kg,

  • a length of 274 cm, or

  • a total length + circumference [(2 x width + 2 x height)] of 400 cm,

are not accepted for transportation by UPS.

If such parcels are found in the UPS system, they will be subject to an Over Maximum Limits surcharge, in addition to all other applicable charges. At the same time, the carrier reserves the right to return such a parcel to the sender without the possibility of a refund of freight costs.

Parcels exceeding the maximum length of 400cm in combined length and circumference will also incur a Large Package surcharge.

UK Border Fee

Parcels to the United Kingdom have, since Brexit, been a subject to a surcharge called UK Border Fee, in addition to all other applicable charges.

Address correction

If the address is incorrect, UPS will make any reasonable effort to find the correct address and deliver the shipment as long as the destination country remains the same. The sender will be billed for an additional charge for this service.

Undeliverable shipments

For all domestic and shipments within the EU, UPS will automatically return the shipment by UPS Standard service (where available).

Upon unsuccessful delivery of shipments outside the EU, UPS will contact the sender and process the shipment acting on the sender's instructions.

This will incur a surcharge for handling of undeliverable shipments in addition to the shipping costs for the return package.

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